About Us

Absolute Breeze Limited is a small UK company.

We are based in Essex - not that far from London.

To date - we have been used as a white label service, where other companies outsource the development to us - under their own name.

Development of a product can be expensive when working from ground up - so we offer to look around for existing products that can be modified for our clients. This can save them a great deal of money and speed up the project!

Our Process

Plan what you need.

Planning is the most important part of any development. When designing a product specification, we like to mock up every screen, and every action possible. This specification can then be used as a manual.


The UX (user experience) is important and we will work with you to make sure people will enjoy your product.

Developing your product.

This is where you sit back and wait for the milestone reports from us. You are free to contact us at any point and ask for an update.